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  • Awaken your joy this holiday season Look inside…
  • <first name>ready to reignite your health and positivity
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  • Give yourself the Gift of Health
  • Restore your equilibrium, transform your holiday and life
  • Embody the magic and joy of the holiday season
  • Feeling stressed? Find strength, hope and healing!
  • *An Extraordinary Invitation* Live the life you are dreaming right now!
  • *Exciting Invitation!*Take a step, take a breath

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Are you ready to embody the magic and joy of your holiday? 

Have you been concerned about money, your body, your state of mental health? 

Do you find yourself wondering what to do next?

Are you worried or stressed?

If “yes” then I’m thrilled to invite you to join me for The Vibrant Life Summithosted by Daphne Wales.

<First name>, out of respect for you, I’m highly selective about what events I invite you to. This extraordinary, reinvigorating, dynamic and relatable FREE Vibrant Life Summit is a one of a kind event that does not come along every day. I’m honored to be a keynote speaker, and I just know this is somethingyou’ll be extremely glad to participate in!Daphne’s speaker panel is amazing!

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Daphne’s panelists represent an exciting, highly esteemed array of professionals in the health and wellness fields of Yoga & Meditation, Athletics, Psychology including Emotional Freedom Technique & Intuitive practitioners, Abundance coaches, Leadership & Personal Development, Performance and more, who are all dedicated to living and embracing a vibrant life.   We are excited to share, the knowledge, tools and practices to enable you to embody optimal health – now during the holiday season and beyond.

We will engage in rich conversations at the cutting edge of optimal health so that you too can step into the vibrant energy that may have escaped you.  At this most remarkable time on our planet much is being upended, many are seeking to know what and how to BE – how to truly live with honor and respect for each other. 

Are you looking for a special way to move through the holiday with grace and ease? 

We will share how you can live with calmness, grace, strength, joy and optimism even in the face of this challenging time.  Your clarity, resilience and love will begin to flow more easily.  You will experience and learn how to stabilize yourself and embody the essence of optimal health.  You can live a vibrant life, even now.

At The Vibrant Life Summit you will experience the very energetic shift that you may be longing for.  If you have been feeling alone, unsure and anxious about the future you will find calmness and hope.  If you are feeling sad and perhaps “lost” you can find joy and connection.

These are uncertain times on our planet where so many things are changing, which can be overwhelming and isolating.  Come and reawaken to the parts of your life you may feel you have set aside.  Step forward into your life, your health and well-being.  Listen and learn from those who have come here to inspire you while offering real life options for how to live and thrive.

We are called together to embrace, honor and accept that together we can move forward and together we must.

Have you been feeling worried or stressed about how to deal with the situation of our lives and the planet?

The clarity and compassion present in this summit, the deep experience, the love the joy of all the panelists will leave you feeling empowered to take right action towards manifesting the life you dream of.   Are you ready to you utilize your compassion and communication with yourselves and others to build rapport and trust again?

Many of us recognize the global shift around us and also within us.

If you are feeling clear about your purpose, strong in your being you too will find great benefit from The Vibrant Life Summit as you explore and deepen into alternate ways of seeing and being in the world.  We are all called together to connect, to feel deeply and to grow, especially now.  The esteemed panelists on the summit are committed to providing you with a rich experience in order to support you as you propel yourself into a vibrant uplifting life – a life where you get to truly love yourself, those around you and make this world a better place.

If there is one thing that has been underlined during this time, it is that we truly are all connected.  At The Vibrant Life Summit you will be exposed to an international panel of experts who are poised to lead others through these troubling times – setting the compass needle towards how to regain strength, balance and soulful direction.  They will bring you the best of their practices from around the globe.  At the same time, it will become clear that as we choose a vibrant life, we allow our light inside to shine outward inspiring others to live from a place of optimal health and love. 

Yes, optimal health and love. 

It is love that springs forth from the reawakening of our essences physically, mentally and spiritually.  Come and explore.  Give yourself and thus those around you the beauty you awaken when you care for your body, mind and spirit.  Now is the time to demystify optimal health and embody the essence of your bright spirit, which may be laying in wait for the invitation to come out just as the monarch chrysalis opens transforms and becomes the beautiful butterfly.

These are challenging times let yourself let go, let yourself surrender to the truth that by living with health and wellness we restore our dignity if it was lost, if it wasn’t we get to embrace it with even more integrity.

In my experience this is a transformational time during which many are thirsty for ways to ground and support each other in healthy ways of being – mentally, physically and emotionally.  This holiday season promises to be like no other.  The panelists generously give the knowledge, experience and tools needed to restore and uplift. 

Are you longing for change? You may know the time has come to create a new deep connection with yourself and others.  Come and share as we guide you towards the path of discovery, the path of a life fully lived.

You are not alone, together we rise up!

Restore your confidence, your positive outlook and your future at The Vibrant Life Summit.

You can make the change, you will feel reinvigorated, inspired and alive when you attend this summit.  Transform your life one conversation, one interview, one experience at a time.

If you want to unleash the wisdom that is within you as you connect with your inner strength you are in the right place.  As hard as these times have been there is great change taking place that you can tap into in order to thrive.

Perhaps you feel unsure about your direction confused or alone,

The people you will hear from live, breathe and cultivate the very aspects of inner strength and beauty, the love and joy within – no matter what the outside circumstances are – You will too when you join this DYNAMIC Transformational summit

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This is an unparalleled time to feel fully alive and embrace your authenticity.  Become the woman or man you have always dreamed of.  Live each day not as if it’s your last, live it as if it is your first – be open and receptive.  Let go of any obstacles, any “should” – write the story of your life where you are your courageous, powerful and free leader.  Step into full integrity – align yourself with the vibrant life that you will rediscover at The Vibrant Life Summit.

Each one of us, including the esteemed panelists on this summit have fallen down, gotten up and started again.  Now it is your turn to do the same.  Start living your soul’s purpose, discover abundance, feel whole, strong, open and free.  Let go of the old disempowering stories that kept you circling the drain.  Breathe into the reality of optimal health.  We are all here to support you in making that happen.  You can change your life; you can create the life you have always dreamed of.

If you want to embrace all the best parts of who you are, embody your beautiful essence, lead your life and make your most inner dreams come true, I highly encourage you to join us for this FREE online SUMMIT. You’ll be amazed!  As you step into your authentic power and fully embody optimal health the vibrancy you create will ripple out into every facet of your life.  You will feel the love.

Yes I want in! I’m ready!Insert your unique link here

Now is the time to demystify optimal health.  You can reignite the passion within, the promise of a new day, right now.

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Special Invitation! A one of a kind event to reignite and restore optimal health

Come join me at The Vibrant Life Summit to view my interview with yoga teacher and host, Daphne Wales. I highly recommend you attend this empowering, FREE event – with a panel of 20+ highly respected yoga and meditation teachers, EFT practitioners, spiritual practitioners, abundance, leadership and health and wellbeing coaches from around the world.  I’m honored to be included.

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Join me and 20+ empowered professionals at the cutting edge of optimal health who will awaken your essence inspiring and uplifting you to embrace your life fully.  Create the joy and vibrancy you dream of.  Awaken! Click here now for FREE ACCESS to TheVibrant Life Summit!

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Learn to: Empower yourself, manifest your dreams of vitality, strength, joy and inner calmness at The Vibrant Life Summit! Come and hear my inspiring conversation with yoga teacher and host Daphne Wales.  Click Here Now to attend this FREE masterful life-changing event!

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Join this FREE event to see my inspiring interview with Daphne Wales host of The Vibrant Life Summit.  20 yoga and meditation teachers, doctors, spiritual practitioners, Emotional Freedom Technique practitioners, abundance and leadership coaches all come together to offer cutting edge modalities at the forefront of optimal health.  Uplift, empower and live the life you have always dreamed of.  Click Here Now for FREE ACCESS to this one of a kind event:

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Embrace and embody the beautiful essence of who you are as you explore health and well-being from a fresh new perspective at The Vibrant Life Summit!

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Embody your essence, your power, your health – optimize your approach at The Vibrant Life Summit!

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20 Experts support you breaking through confusion and inner obstacles.  Reclaim your health. Transform your life.  Live Vibrantly.  Manifest your dreams.

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24+ Experts share their best-kept secrets for how to live a fully authentic vibrant life.  Reignite your soul’s purpose.  Realign your life today! Free Access Here:< Personal tracking link >